Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Voynich on the Halfshell

Well over 70 words (I've lost count) gleaned using a new transcription alphabet indicate constructions of an old Finno-Ugric origin with a substantial amount of Old Norse. In addition, there is a distinct Slavic influence.

The pages depict female heliocentric star charts resembling Nordic brooches. They also depict kolovrats, octagrams, sauna/banya, torcs, a seidr staff, the sun cross symbol, intercalary year, red conical roofs, onion domes, plants from the northern hemisphere, a landscape resembling the Ruskeala marble caves, zaftig fair blond women, a Permic-like lizard of the underworld, the pike of Tuonela, and runic glyphs (comparable to those found in Icelandic magic books).

All of this points to core elements of north European culture that can be found in Scandinavian, Finno-Ugric, north Germanic, and to some extent Celtic traditions. These belief systems go back thousands of years.

Some visual designs are reminiscent of a Sami shamanic drum, Karelian embroidery, and Vologda lace. The herbal powder receptacles are modified sewing necessaires in the tradition of north European treenware.

In addition, some of the pages contain text suggestive of Karelian runic charm songs or Sami joiks in that they are highly alliterative and trochaic. Major language candidates include Elfdalian, Meänkieli, and Orkney Norn. The script is an earlier relative of Scottish Secretary Hand.

While the manuscript remains an extraordinary piece of work, it is not from outer space or the Divine, including those Renaissance men who were perceived as such. Rather it was created by a bunch of largely blond, mostly middle-aged northern European women most likely on pilgrimage to perform some water/fertility ritual akin to the legend of Venusbergs, the cult of Perchta, or ancient Finnish tradition.

This blog delves further into all of these areas.

Just an aside: All anyone would get from licking the glass of the manuscript's case, thinking it has any numinous powers (apparently people are doing this), would be essence of Windex.

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